2024 Back-to-School Rostering Options

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At Flashlight Learning, we understand the importance of setting up your multilingual students for success from the very beginning. This one-pager outlines the four effortless ways to roster your students into our app, ensuring they can begin improving their speaking and writing skills as soon as possible.


What is rostering?

In essence, rostering is the process of creating digital class lists within the Flashlight360 app. This list serves as an official record of all students enrolled across your district, schools, and individual classes. It fulfills the critical function of informing Flashlight Learning which students belong to your district, guaranteeing they have access to the appropriate learning materials and activities.


Here are your four hassle-free rostering options:

Clever Integration

If your district uses Clever for managing student logins, you're in luck! We integrate seamlessly with Clever. This means your existing student list in Clever automatically populates in the Flashlight360 app, saving you valuable time and effort.


ClassLink Integration

*New for the 2024 school year* Flashlight Learning now integrates directly with ClassLink, allowing you to import your student rosters with just a few clicks and use ClassLink’s single sign-on for access to the Flashlight360 app.


OneRoster Integration

Tech-savvy and use a student information system (SIS) that supports OneRoster? We can leverage this industry standard to import your student data directly.


Manual Integration

Prefer a more direct approach? No problem! We make it easy and secure to share your school and class information directly for our friendly support team to set up your district within the Flashlight360 application. Alternatively, our user-friendly app allows you to manually create classes and add students self-serve. This option is ideal for smaller classes or situations where Clever or ClassLink integration isn't available.


Still have questions?

No problem. Our friendly customer support team is here to help! Feel free to contact us at support@flashlight360.com. We're happy to guide you through the rostering process and ensure your students can unlock their full potential with Flashlight Learning!

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