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We often receive questions regarding the manual rostering process—and understandably so! While we always invite you to reach out to for tailored guidance, we hope that this article can help you get ahead of those pressing questions.



If your district has opted to share your students and teachers with us manually (as opposed to automatically syncing with Flashlight360 through Clever or your student information system), then we require two uploads from you: one containing students and one containing teachers.

You can find and download our blank rostering templates for both students and teachers at the bottom of this article. From there, the process is really quite simple!

When completing your student and teacher rosters, there are some key questions to ask yourself before uploading them to Please thoroughly review the checklist below.


Rostering checklist

  • Is all my information (schools, classes, first and last names, job titles, ID numbers, email addresses, etc.) correct and free of typos?

  • Are all usernames 4 or more alphanumeric characters?
    • Teacher usernames are always their full all-lowercase email addresses

  • Are all passwords 6 or more characters?
    • If no passwords are provided in your rosters, student passwords default to their unique ID numbers; teacher passwords default to Flashlight360

  • Are my rosters saved in .csv file format (and not .txt, .xlsx, .tsv, .pdf, etc.)?

  • Am I uploading the correct files to
    • You'd be surprised at how often folks send our blank rostering templates right back to us!

NOTE: in order to comply with FERPA regulations surrounding student PII, we're only able to accept your rosters in .csv file format as uploads to our secure online portal: We cannot accept your rosters as email attachments or in the body text of an email. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation toward keeping student data secure.


Still have questions?

Shoot us a message anytime at!


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