Clever Rostering Flow

Samantha Shen
Samantha Shen
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So you've decided that your district wants to share ELL students and teachers over to Flashlight360 through Clever! Awesome! Here is an overview of the onboarding flow:

1. A member of the Technical Services team will send a Clever invite to the rostering contact's email address. Please accept the invitation.

2. From there, you can share your student and teacher information! Please keep these key points in mind:

  • Please share you teachers as Teachers in your data
  • Are ELL sections present and available to share in your data? If not, please create those sections to share over with us. If this is not an option, the Flashlight Learning team can create custom "All Students" class that contain the specified ELL students once the data is synced over to the Flashlight360 app.
  • If ELL status is filterable in you data, please mark the appropriate students and teachers with ELL statuses set to True/Yes.

3. Once you share you data with Flashlight360, our team will sync that data over to our Flashlight360 app. Once all the data is successfully synced, we will send you a wrap up email to let you know that you are all set up and ready to use Flashlight360!




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