Accessing Benchmark Data

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Benchmark Data

1. Log in to Teacher Dashboard: or via Clever


2. From your landing page, click on the Benchmark tab on the navigation menu.

Landing Page


3. From your Benchmarks page, click on Benchmark Data.

Benchmarks Page


4. From your Benchmarks Summary page, you will need to filter by Grades, Classes, or Schools.

Benchmark Summary Filters


5. After filtering, select what Benchmark Type you would like to see.

Benchmark Type Selection


6. Your Overall Performance Level shows your students’ overall speaking and writing scores.

Select by individual color to see a slideout of the students in each proficiency level.

Overall Performance Level


7. A separate slideout for Speaking and Writing will allow you to sort and group students by their Proficiency Levels.

Students can be sorted alphabetically by name and by score.

Active Slideout


8. Your Submission Status shows your students' benchmark submission status.
Click on See Submission List to identify students within each phase of their benchmark submission.

Submission Status


9. The slideout for the Submission List will allow you to see which students have started, are in progress, have submitted, and have their benchmark submitted.

Students can be sorted alphabetically by name.

Active Submission List Slideout


10. The Overall Benchmark Indicator Scores widget shows your students' overall benchmark indicator scores and how they relate to our Student Proficiency Levels, along with helpful descriptions of what each level means.

Overall Benchmark Indicator Scores


11. From the Benchmark Summary page, click the Progress Scores page.

Progress Scores


12. The Benchmark Progress Scores page shows your students' speaking and writing scores, as well as progress over the span of the school year.

If multiple benchmarks have been completed, the table will reflect an average for that benchmark within the Year-To-Date column.

Benchmark Progress Scores

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