Scoring a Benchmark

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Scoring a

1. Log in to Teacher Dashboard: or via Clever


2. From your landing page, click on the Benchmarks tab on the navigation menu.

Landing Page.png


3. From your Benchmarks page, click on Grade.

Benchmarks Page with Grade Selected.png


4. From your Benchmarks Summary page, you will need to filter by Submission Status, Benchmark Type, and Benchmark Grader Type.

  • From the Submission Status drop down menu, you can select All Submissions, Graded, or Not Yet Graded
  • From the Benchmark Type drop down, you can multi-select BOY, MOY, and EOY
  • From the Benchmark Grader Type drop down, you can multi-select Flashlight 360, Teacher, or Graded By All

Grades Page Default Filters.pngGrades Page with Added Filters.png


5. After filtering, you will see a list of Students and their Benchmarks. Depending on your list of students chosen, the last column in the Benchmarks Grade Table will have 3 different actions you can take.

  • View: Benchmark has been graded by you or the Flashlight Scoring Team, and the final score is ready to be viewed. 
  • Grade Pending: Benchmark is in the queue to be graded by our Flashlight Scoring Team. 
  • Grade: Benchmark is ready to be graded by you as their teacher. 

Benchmarks - List of Students.png


6. Speaking Portion: When you select Grade, you will be introduced to the start of the grading flow for the student. On this page you will see:

  • The student's labeling work (you can enlarge the image by selecting the "[ ]" icon)
  • Speaking Scores (highlighted further in step 7 below)
  • The Speaking Prompt assigned to the student
  • Student recordings (student can record up to 3 times during a Benchmark) listed as Recording 1, Recording 2, and Recording 3. 

Speaking Portion of Benchmark Grading Flow.png


7. After listening to the student's recording, you may score the student by selecting the number for the appropriate score of the 5 unique speaking indicators. In the Speaking Scores section, you will be able to:

  • Hover over the "?" icon next to Speaking Scores to see the Scoring Rubric.
  • Toggle on and off Show Anchors (shown in blue when turned on), and when you hover over a given number, you will have the ability to select play to hear an example of a student with that score.
  • If you hover over the "i" icon (for information) next to each indicator, you can get a deeper understanding for that specific indicator.

Grading Flow with Active Scores.png


8. If you would like to add feedback for your student, type and record a message in the Provide Student Feedback section. Similarly, if you would like to add notes or reminders to yourself, add them in the Teacher Notes section.

When you are ready to proceed, select Next: Writing, or if you would like to take a break with grading, select Save & QuitStudent Feedback and Teacher Notes Selected.png.png.png


9. Writing Portion: When you select the Next button, you will be introduced to the writing section of the grading flow. On this page you will see:

  • The Writing Prompt assigned to them 
  • Writing Scores (highlighted in step 7 with the exception that there are only 3 writing indicators)
  • Student Writing submission

Writing Portion.png


10. Similar to the Speaking Portion of the Benchmark, you can write or record a message in the Provide Student Feedback section and add private notes in the Teacher Notes section.

When you are ready to proceed, select Submit, or if you would like to take a break with grading, select Save & Quit

Writing Feedback.png


11. When you have completed your Benchmark grading, you can proceed to the next benchmark that is available to be graded, or you can return to the Benchmarks PageIn the Submissions column of the Benchmarks page, you will see green, orange, and red buttons with numbers in them. If you select them, they will show Benchmarks that are:

  • Submitted (green): These students have submitted their Benchmark. They will have a green check next to their name if their Benchmarks have been graded by you or our Flashlight Scoring Team.
  • In Progress (orange): These students are in the middle of their Benchmark. This slideout will also show where in the Benchmark a student is (Labeling, Speaking, or Writing) which can help you know if they are stuck. 
  • Not Started (red): These students have not started their benchmark yet. 



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