Managing Groups

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Managing Groups

1. Log in to Teacher Dashboard: or via Clever


2. From your landing page, select the Students tab on the navigation menu.

Landing Page


3. From the Student Directory page, select Manage Groups to navigate to existing groups and make new groups. 

Student Directory


4. From the Student Groups page, select Create to start a new group.

Student Groups


5. After selecting Create, you will see a pop-up to create the drop. You will need to add the school and class that this group is tied to, as well as a unique name to easily navigate back to. 

Student Groups


6. Once you have created your new group, you can select Manage to add and remove students from the group. This is also where you have the option to delete the group.

Managing Student Groups


7. After you select Manage, you will be taken to the Manage Group page. You must first select the checkbox by the student's name, then select Add Selected and Remove Selected to confirm that change in the group list. The students' names will automatically save as you transfer names between lists.

When you are finished with your changes, select Groups from the breadcrumb menu under the page title to go back to your Student Groups page.

Manage Group.png


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