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Ian Hicks
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Users sometimes experience issues when attempting to record their voices in Flashlight360. More often than not, we've found that these troubleshooting steps below resolve the problem. If not, please contact us at support@flashlight360.com so that my team can troubleshoot for you further!



Sound settings

  1. Open System Settings (System Preferences before macOS Ventura)
  2. Click Sound
  3. Scroll down to Output & Input
  4. Ensure that your desired audio output and input are appearing and selected
  5. If not and you're using an external output or input device (e.g., Bluetooth headphones or USB microphone), disconnect, turn off, and turn back on the external audio device

Web browser settings

  1. Open System Settings (System Preferences before macOS Ventura)
  2. Click Privacy & Security
  3. Scroll down to Microphone
  4. Ensure that your preferred web browser is appearing and allowed access to your microphone


Google Chrome & ChromeOS

Site permissions

  1. Navigate to chrome://settings/content/microphone in your address bar
  2. Ensure that https://app.flashlight360.com appears under Allowed to use your microphone and doesn't appear under Not allowed to use your microphone
  3. Double-check that the correct microphone is selected from the dropdown menu
  4. If you see the indicated icon toward the right of your address bar at https://app.flashlight360.com, please click it and ensure that "Always allow" is enabled

General Troubleshooting Steps

  • Clearing browser history and cache
  • Restarting the device
  • Unplugging and replugging the microphone (if using an external microphone)
  • Ensuring that the microphone's input volume is turned up

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