Flashlight-Assisted Rostering

Samantha Shen
Samantha Shen
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1.   Fill out your student and teacher .csv files

We have some handy templates to make your rostering experience as easy and smooth as possible! The student and teacher roster templates are both attached to this article. Fill out the rostering templates using your application of choice. Examples include Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. Once the rostering is complete, make sure to click “Save As” and save your completed rosters under a unique name to ensure that you can identify them when it’s time to upload your completed rosters.


2.   Submit completed files to our secure rostering site

Go to https://flashlight360.com/rostering/ to submit your completed rosters. This link will take you to our user-friendly rostering page. If you are requesting specific changes to be made, like adding just a few students that were updated to the roster, please make a note of that in the “Additional Info” text box. Please share as much information as possible if there are any changes being made to current classes. Examples: what class is being added, which students are being added and deleted, any specific or unique requests, etc.


3.   Click the “completed” button to submit your rosters

Once you’ve filled out all the required fields on your rostering submission, click the “Completed” button. This creates an auto-generated ticket for the Flashlight Learning team. The Flashlight Learning team will take it from there! We will manually roster your students and teachers to the Flashlight360 app. Once we have completed the rostering, we will send you a follow up email. This email will contain some implementation notes to help you get started.

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