Creating an Assignment

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Creating an Assignment

1. Log in to Teacher Dashboard: or via Clever


2. From your landing page, select the Create button.

Landing Page.png


3. Details: In step 1 of the assignment creation flow, you will:

  • Assign to a Class or Group
  • Select the Date Range of when the assignment will be available to students (must be longer than one day)
  • Check if you would like for students to have the ability to go back during the assignment

Select Next when you are ready to continue.

Create New Assignment


4. Image: In step 2 of the assignment creation flow, you will select:

  • Grade Level: You can select multiple grade bands from PK-2, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12
  • Subject Area: You can select 1 or more subjects from ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, or ELA
  • Keyword/Image Search and Task Type(s): If there are still too many options, you can also search by keyword (such as weather, library, culture, etc.) or narrow by task type to find the image you need.

When you have found the image you are looking for, select it so it is highlighted in blue, and then select Next to move to step 3.

Image Selection


5. Instructions: In step 3 of the assignment creation flow, you will select:

  • Title: Pick a custom title that will show up on your students' landing page
  • Speaking and Writing Prompt: Decide what your students will see for instructions in the assignment. There are several options based on your preferences to type and/or record the prompt:
    • If you write 1 prompt, it will be the same for speaking and writing
    • If you select the checkbox below the prompt, you will have the ability to create a prompt for speaking and a separate prompt for writing
    • If you do not create a prompt, the default prompt will be: "Describe the picture. Tell as much as you can. You can record 3 times."

When you are all finished with step 3 and are ready to send your students the assignment, select Create Assignment.

Create Instructions



6. After you have created your assignment, you will be taken back to your Assignments page. From here, you can reference past, current, and upcoming assignments you have scheduled. You can also go back and edit, change the dates, and update details of the assignment here. Assignments Page


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