Flashlight Learning's Subprocessors

Samantha Shen
Samantha Shen

Flashlight Learning uses third-party subprocessors—other companies that we share information with to help us do business. These companies help us do things like manage our data centers to make sure Flashlight Learning is reliable and fast or provide software that powers our customer support. If you would like additional information on the data collection and use practices of the subprocessors listed, please see our Privacy Policy, Additional Information for California Residents, or contact us at info@flashlight360.com.

Our subprocessors have signed a Data Protection Agreement with us, which stipulates that any data we share with them will be used exclusively to provide services to us and not for any other purposes. We currently use the following subprocessors:

Note: Subprocessors that process student data are indicated with an *.

Data center management:

• *Amazon Web Services for hosting our servers

Communicating with teachers, families, or administrators (not students):

• *Zendesk to provide technical support via email

Communicating with current and prospective customers:

 SalesForce for managing customer interactions and business relationships


• *Google for analytics, reporting, and internal team communication
 Quickbooks for financial tracking
• *Slack for internal team communication

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